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The Big Black Book of Sex Havens Introduction

A Message From the Author, W.G. Hill

How to get laid

From Patpong Road in Bangkok to the windows in Amsterdam. From the glamour and hype of Europe to the secluded orgies in the jungles of Brazil. It's all here. Delicious beauties in all shapes and sizes; and they are ours -- for a week, or a day, or an hour, or forever -- if we want them. The world is full of young and lovely ladies who know of nothing better than middle-aged, balding, fat little guys like your author. Bucked teeth or bad breath does not matter. In their eyes, you are not just Mr. Right, but simply Mr. Wonderful.

This report will show you how to find them. South Sea mermaids, "surfistas" of the Latin American shoreline, Scandinavian princesses, Philippine and Thai virgins. We will take you by the hand for a grand tour of the netherworlds, showing you the ins and outs of our most favorite haunts, perpetually travelling.

You may not want to live on a permanent basis in one of our sex havens. We don't. We travel from place to place, and you can do the same. A prolonged and healthy holiday can give you new force and more vitality. A couple of months in a new spot with a new woman can make you feel ten or twenty years younger. Our advice: choose a place where you have never been before, preferably a place where you would not normally even consider going. Every time you can break old habits, you grow a little. Bring some spice into your life. Do things you would not normally dream of doing.

If you don't like where you live, or if you don't like the shape your life is taking, move! Keep moving. Again and again and again, until you find your proper place in the world. Right now, we have found a couple of private paradises for us to spend our own time, free from taxes and silly worries. But if our chosen spots change their policies toward foreigners (or if we change our priorities in life), we will not hesitate to move on to a new paradise. And it will not involve moving back to some old stomping ground. We like to explore frontiers, adding the richness of new experiences to our everyday life. The world is one big sex and tax haven. And a fun place to be in, too, as long as you know just how to get the most -- and the best -- out of it.

Recently, we had some memorable days (and nights) with an absolutely stunning and very well-educated young lady whom we met in a night club in Abidjan, home to the most spirited night life of Africa. While passing the time with her, your author realized that although he was pushing sixty and looked it, he could still attract the most beautiful women in the world. These young, shapely visions found me, Mr. Lead-Foot, incredibly attractive! Was it just my Visa gold card? Probably YES, added to a little charm.

We have experienced the same thing over and over again, in country after country all over the world.

We have been with gorgeous geishas and we have humped in hammocks on exotic South Pacific islands. There, a kindhearted and generous foreigner is the best thing in the world, to many very delicious local girls. To them, being plump is a sign of wealth. Age is a symbol of wisdom. We don't exactly know what eye glasses are a symbol of, but it must have something to do with fertility or good fortune. The simple fact remains that these women are literally CRAZY IN LOVE with guys like me! Middle-aged uglies that even computer dating clubs would reject in countries like the UK or USA.

You can have similar experiences. Just go to these places. Don't build your expectations too high. Be enthusiastic and sincere. Bring beads and trinkets to give away.

Everywhere, especially in the Third World, there are billions of sweet natural girls, who don't expect to wear your pants. They will be content to be loved. They gladly let their European or North American sisters fight the war of the sexes. To them, feminism is serving their men in traditional roles: girlfriends, lovers, and perhaps as faithful wives and mothers. We have met glamorous models, actresses, ballerinas. Scores of pretty girls all over the world -- none of them prostitutes! In countries like Thailand, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil, we have spent many pleasant months in the agreeable company of good-looking, young girls. Some from local universities and the local higher classes. These educated daughters of the middle class thirst for a bit of contact with foreigners. They want a generous sugar daddy upon whom they can practice English. Lately, we have been with a 22 year old coffee-colored beauty queen for more than two months. She was half Portuguese and half Amazon Indian. Girls like her speak little English. The most exciting thing they may ever do in their lives is to travel as your companion. Personally, we enjoy this lifestyle. It is not only sex. At a certain time in life, good food starts to matter, too. With any luck, your new mistress will spend a lot of time serving you homemade specialities from her country's kitchen, in addition to her furry oyster.

We also enjoy meeting new people from different cultures. Especially if these people turn out to be single, young beauties aged 16 years and up (whatever is legal in her country). We sometimes live with these girls for a month, two months, or even more. When their attitude changes we move on. A bachelor reader writes: In 1967 when I joined a seismic exploration company, I went to work in Papua New Guinea, Bangkok, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan.

Now I'm working on an offshore oil rig in Malaysia, 28 days on, 28 days off. I spend 14 days of my time off in the Philippines and the other 14 days off in Pattaya, Thailand.

After 28 days of wine, women and song, I enjoy returning to work for a rest. I find that the required 28 days of nonalcoholic work on the job tends to preserve one's values as well as one's health. A few of my friends who have been on the beach for the past 10-15 years nonstop have faded out through excess.

Apart from a three week binge in Brazil (Rio, Manaus, Fort Eliza) most of my activities have been in South East Asia. There, even at my age (48), I have no trouble finding girls 16-21 who seem to enjoy spending time with me. I shudder to think about what would be available to me back in my native Australia at my age. Dancing the fox trot with a blue-rinsed boiler at the Blind Institute on a Saturday night ? The five cornerstones of any travelling lifestyle, in general terms, are:

Flag number 1: BUSINESS BASE
Make your money in a jurisdiction different from your personal, fiscal domicile.

Flag number 2: CITIZENSHIP
Make certain that you have at least one citizenship (and passport) from a country unconcerned about its non-resident citizens, and what they do outside its borders.

Flag number 3: DOMICILE
Be officially and legally domiciled in a stable, secure tax haven with strict bank secrecy laws.

Stash your assets somewhere from whence they may be safely and anonymously managed by proxy.

Flag number 5: PLAYGROUNDS
Where you actually and physically spend your time. The concept is based on the idea that if you adopt these flags and structure your life around them you will attain a degree of security, both personal and asset wise. Sex Havens could easily be called The Playground Report, as we only concentrate on flag number five in this volume: potential playgrounds. As you already know, young pretty girls are commodities often exported from the major sex havens to the rich world. If you doubt this, just check the number of single young girls travelling alone out of Bangkok, Manila, or Sao Paulo toward Europe. If they don't travel on their own, they are likely to be accompanied by marriage-minded men, seldom fewer than 10 or 15 per planeload. Few gorgeous sexpots ever head the other way alone.

In India, too, girls are export material. Marriage bureaux in any of the large cities there will furnish you with photos and a price list. They all advertise openly in what is a legal, unregulated business competing on price. Young wives or girlfriends can be purchased from around a thousand dollars a head. Under Muslim law, a girl may marry as soon as she reaches puberty. Fourteen year old wives are not uncommon, and you can find marriage-minded girls there as young as nine years old.


The international life is fun. We know. Your life can be whatever you yourself choose it to be. We have chosen to fill our life with gaining knowledge and being free of conventional restraints. Our mind is open and we are tolerant. Among what is important to us, puritanism comes last. Great food, agreeable wine, female company and good sex are all high up there on our list in life. If you want a similar high-flying international life and can afford it, there is nothing wrong with being a travelling playboy.

We do have to underscore one small point here. The World Health Organization tells us that over 18 million people worldwide possess a virus, whose name is shortened to HIV. This virus can lead to the outbreak of AIDS. And AIDS is lethal.

In Africa some 12 million people are said to be infected. So if you simply stay away from Africa, your risk of catching the disease is much less. There are, however, other ways of avoiding the HIV virus. The WHO (which we do not necessarily believe) informs us of the following:

A) If you make love to a girl who has taken an AIDS test and proven negative (i.e., she does not have the virus), and if you use a condom, the risk of catching AIDS is one in a million. If you do not wear the condom, the risk is one in a hundred thousand. Why any risk? Because the AIDS test is not very accurate.

B) On the other hand, if you make love to a girl who has taken an AIDS test and she has AIDS The bizarrely termed "positive" test -- your risk of catching AIDS, too, is naturally much greater. With the use of a condom, WHO deems the risk to be one in five thousand. Without a condom, the risk is one in five hundred. In other words, if your lover has AIDS and you are daft enough to go to bed with her without wearing a rubber, it is statistically possible for you to do this 499 times without catching AIDS. If, however, you go 499 times without protection, the odds are you will die of AIDS. We suggest you do be a bit careful and use condoms. There is no cause for celibacy. As the cold, hard facts prove, the AIDS scare has been blown somewhat out of proportion. AIDS has indeed wrecked many lives and many families. But even with a wildly extravagant sex life, you would have to be unlucky to catch the HIV virus and develop AIDS (or SIDA, as they call it in Spanish speaking nations). Even without the use of a condom, it is hard for a straight healthy guy, who doesn't inject drugs to catch the disease.

Far greater than the AIDS -- risk is the risk of catching hepatitis or the more common venereal diseases. Your best protection is a condom. We always wear one and often bring our own. The quality is not so good in some third world countries. Before setting off on a spree, we also drink a glass of Ampicilia Probenecide. To the best of our knowledge, this powder can only be bought in Brazil. It is a cure-all that kills virtually all germs, not just VD, but other sorts of disagreeable bugs as well. A glass is good for a week or two. After that, you simply buy a new sachet. (In all drugstores, pharmacies or direct from manufacturers EMS Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Rua Comercial C M Gardano 450, Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.)

257 Pages $49.95


Although all countries are tax havens, they are not all sex havens. There are, in fact, very few places where mature males can copulate with large numbers of nubile girls. Generally, sex havens are in poor countries. But not all poor countries are sex havens. We have had a hard time finding willing girls in Albania, despite the fact that it is (economically) the hell-hole of Europe.

Going to places such as the USA, Mexico, Western Africa, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, or the Philippines carries a risk far greater than sexually transmitted diseases: violent crime and (police) corruption.

A great deal has been made of the incidents of robberies and violence committed against tourists in these countries. A good friend recently told us that white men should not go to the Philippines any more. As I spend two months a year there, I can't agree. Several warn us off Brazil on a regular basis, yet we keep going. We consider Brazil one of the best playgrounds on the face of the earth. Poor Dominican Republic, next to Haiti, is supposed to be the crime center of the Caribbean. But I have no problems. For those of us who are long time expatriates and frequent visitors to all of these places, it is important that these stories be put into perspective. It is also important that future visitors understand how to avoid attracting violent incidents.

First of all, there is no question that street crime really is common in most of our favorite spots. Thailand is probably the best sex haven and the safest place for a foreigner. Street crime is a problem in every large city of the world, sex haven or not. The risk in Rio is not greater than in, say, New York or Naples. It is necessary to be prudent wherever one travels; the only difference is the form one's prudence should take. When we ply the sex havens of the world, we must first understand that at least nine-tenths of each of these ccountriespopulations live at or below Western levels of poverty. In spite of (or probably because of) the efforts of various governments, there are simply a great many more "have nots" than "haves." In a place like Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast, the price of a one night stay in a five star hotel is about four times the local monthly minimum wage. In Rio, you pay more or less three times the monthly minimum wage, whereas in Bangkok, you pay at least twice what a local makes a month. A Rolex watch -- in all of these places -- can be worth more than what many families will make (gross) in 20 years. Ponder on this a bit, and it is not hard to see why imprudent tourists might be making themselves attractive targets for crime. When we travel, wherever we travel, we never flaunt our wealth. This fits with our philosophy of low profile living. We like to blend in. Why advertise yourself in the street or on the beach as an attractive target by wearing valuable jewelry?

Obviously, the best way of being prudent as a tourist also means exercising common sense in choosing where you wander and with whom you associate. As we like to wander off into the darker-lit and seedier places, this must be done with great care. Talk to locals or your hotel staff to avoid the worst of the dangerous rough areas. If in doubt, go with a guide. Treat a cab driver to a drink or a female encounter. Have a local friend accompany you to the more questionable houses of pleasure -- if this is where you want to go. We have been able to pick up a student off the street or at campus and hire him (or her) for a day or two. This can be done successfully in most countries and may guarantee you a translator, a guide, a bodyguard and a sort of friend all rolled into one. College students in poorer countries will be happy to help out. One of them on retainer works out cheaper than hiring a professional tourist guide or renting a cabbie for the day.

In most sex havens, you take a big chance with black market money changers who hang around near hotels. If your guidebook tells you to change money on the black market instead of at approved institutions, by all means do so; but go to where that market is. The "doleiros" lurking outside your hotel know that you are probably ignorant of what the true black market rate really is. Apart from the legal risk, you run a much greater risk of being cheated or robbed by a street tout. We lost $1,000 in Budapest when our black market money changer turned out to be an expert magician: he switched money he had counted out on a table for Monopoly money.

The risks and penalties for involvement with drugs in some of our sex havens can be very serious. Foreigners have been locked up for life in Thailand and have been executed by uunauthorizedpolice "death squads" in Brazil for drug offenses. Personally, we think all drugs should be legal. The "war on drugs" is phony and is used to erode our most basic personal freedoms. We think the use of drugs is a major vice. But we also think that no vice that doesn't directly affect others should be criminal. Having said that, there is no escaping the fact that in today's world, some vices are criminal. We are told that in Nepal and Amsterdam, you can legally smoke yourself into oblivion, or, as supporters of this kind of relaxation would say, into "harmony with the universe." We don't smoke. But if you do, go there. Do not break the drug-ban laws of the sex havens. Punishment could be harsh, whether you agree with the local laws or not. When tobacco and coffee first surfaced in Europe, these vices were made illegal. In numerous places around the world, religions and governments have written extensive laws regulating time, place, permissible positions and even the race and class background of your sexual partners. The punishments for breaking the sex laws still range from stoning to death (in Saudi Arabia).

Outside of the Arab world, alcohol is usually legal. It is cheap, too. We don't drink much booze. All of it -- from the Albanian Raki to the Brazilian Caipirinha -- can impair your health. If you find you have overindulged in alcohol (intentionally or not), it is only common sense to return to your hotel until your faculties are fully recovered. Otherwise you may get mugged or taken advantage of.

More hints? Stay away from street vendors offering fabulous bargains on precious stones, stolen watches or other merchandise. Do your important shopping in organized fairs or proper stores. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. It is better to deal with major department stores.

Don't set off on your own to explore the slums. If you do want to go there, go with a trusted local. Never venture into those forbidden parts where even the police dare not go.

Generally, try to imitate the locals as much as possible. Try to look like the natives. Don't wear a lot of jewelry or expensive watches, especially to the beach; locals don't. Leave your valuables, credit cards and passport at home or hidden unless you really need them. Always carry a copy of your ID papers, however. Don't take hotel towels to the beach; it's like a sign flashing RICH TOURIST. Don't carry serious cash to the beach, houses of ill repute, night clubs or other ffun grounds You don't need to. If, in spite of your precautions, you should be accosted, never offer physical resistance against anyone who might have a gun, knife, or friends lurking in the background. If you are not carrying more valuables than you need, why take any unwarranted risks? Of course, should you get roughed up, it is a good idea to protect yourself unless your attacker has a knife or gun. Run away if possible.

More advice on violence and crime? Unless you have to for insurance purposes, do not even bother to report most incidents to law enforcement. We do not like bureaucrats. And since reporting is guaranteed fruitless, you will only waste a day or two in a very unpleasant way.

All over the world, the best way to protect yourself against street crime is to use common sense and to stay aware of what's happening around you. That does not mean that you need to be paranoid or look over your shoulder every second. It does mean keeping your eyes open. And that's not hard to do. With all the exotic and beautiful sweethearts crowding our favorite playgrounds, we are sure you will be keeping your eyes wide open all the time anyway. Be aware of tough guys who may size you up for a quick hit and run. If your car is hit in the rear, be careful. Don't get out of your car. It may be a set up. Here are seven major sex havens. They are all relatively poor countries. Whereas the average annual income of an American is said to be $20,000, a Brit $18,000 and a Swiss $28,000, the median incomes in our seven preferred sex havens look more like this:

Brazil: $2,500
Costa Rica: $1,600
Thailand: $1500
Côte d'Ivoire: $740
Dominican Rep.: $710
The Philippines: $650
Vietnam: $250

Do you believe that we only live once? Let's get the most out of life right now. This book is for you. Do not sit at home. Don't wait for some sweet young thing to jump you. Go out and grab the opportunities that are yours for the taking. Meet those lovely beach beauties, all those stunning 18, 20 and 22 year olds who are just dying for YOU.

And while you are at it, you can make money, too. Open foreign bank accounts; take advantage of favorable investment opportunities in each country. All of this is possible while still dating some of the most beautiful women on earth, day in and day out. We know. We are doing it. If we are doing it, you can do it.

Oh! What about taxes? Forget them. No one even thinks about paying taxes in these places. That's why we call them: SEX HAVENS FOR TAX FIENDS.

* * *

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this report is accurate and up to date, names and addresses change continuously as establishments start up and close down every day. Quality, hygiene and standards can change in any business. Even successful places eventually get careless and sloppy. New operators can and will fill the gap. Consider using up-to-date newsletters as recommended in the Resource List at the end of this book. Do check all addresses and telephone numbers before starting out on your journey. Personal names in stories have been changed in order to protect identities.

257 Pages $49.95

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