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revenge, get even!


         If you ever wondered how some people "get away with it" through bankruptcy, this new report tells how how and why. Dozens of scenarios are detailed  using the federal bankruptcy laws as the means by which debts are wiped out, and assets and income are preserved.
           Obviously planning is involved, but for those who don't wait for the wolf to come to the door, bankruptcy can effectively put their financial lives in better shape than before. Even the "threat" of bankruptcy can be useful way to deal with unreasonable lenders, and the results just as satisfying. Bankruptcy is indeed a great tool, and here's how to us it. Worth at least $1,000 in legal "advice".
18 pages. Price: $ 11.00
Complete book of dirty tricks


A consumer's Guide to Making a Fresh Financial Start


Want to make all your monthly bills disappear? If you are heavily in dept and don't know where to turn for relief, this new book has the answers you need:
  • File bankruptcy and still keep property worth $40,000 or more.
  • Defeat certain liens on household goods.
  • Force creditors who try to prevent your discharge to pay your legal fees.
  • Pay off debts on your own schedule federal court protection.
  • se FREE counseling services to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Prevent creditors from violating your legal rights.
  • Settle debts for half their original amount.
           In easy-to-read and understand language you will learn the secrets and benefits previously available only to banks, financial institutions and lawyers. Save time, and lots of money, by getting the information you need from this very helpful book.
114 pages. Price: $ 22.95
Complete book of dirty tricks



Good times or bad, wealth eludes most people, not because they make too little money, but because they keep too little. With this book you'll learn easy ways to uncover hidden sources of CASH, which in turn you can use to create an investment account generating thousands more. With these take-charge strategies you'll be able to: 
  • Turn a huge chunk of your monthly salary into an investment account.
  • Burn your mortgage years sooner than you expected.
  • Lower your cost of living and credit card dept forever.
  • Use proven strategies to save money, which in turn will allow you to live a life of financial freedom.
         Financial author, Adam Starchild, offers scores of clever, current ideas and plans for making your financial future secure AND prosperous.
104 pages Price: $ 16.00
revenge, Make'em Pay!

How to Do  Your Own DEBT CONSOLIDATIONReduce Your Monthly Payments, Too!


A concise report on exactly what you must do to get control over your bills (and your creditors) so you can "breathe again". How to use your checking account as a tool, how to deal with payments that are too high, how to get your creditors to cooperate willingly with reduced payments, etc. If you need help in the debt department, here it is.
11 pages. Price: $ 11.00
Encyclopedia of Revenge



In many sport the object is to beat the opponent. Similarly, in most financial dealings the the same rule holds true. In order to beat the bill collector, the debtor must demonstrate skill and cunning. He must know the right maneuvers and have the ability to anticipate the competition's next clever move. The main action is a battle of wits, with each opponent trying to force the other to concede the game.
         HOW TO BEAT THE BILL COLLECTOR has scores of tips and insights for helping debtors become winners! This book has it all:
  • Origin of the :game."
  • Playing by the rules.
  • Basic strategy.
  • Dazzling delay tactics.
  • Sizing up the competition.
  • Legal Stratagems.
  • Know your rights!
  • Outmaneuvering skip tracers.
48 pages Price: $ 8.95
Encyclopedia of Revenge



In the author's own words, this eye opening guide is a "Handbook for Scoundrels." While we do not condone nonpayment of just debts, we can't resist his humorous, yet informative "justifications" for turning the tables on bill collectors.
       A.J. Hunnicutt, a self-professed pro at beating creditors for millions, explores all phases of his "game":
  • Using time to your full advantage.
  • How to confound computers.
  • How to evade service.
  • Why to dispense with lawyers.
  • Correct use of effective tactics: Denial, Con- fusion, Promises, and Part Payment.
  • How to create a counter-claim.
  • Don't go bankrupt: plan to go bankrupt.
  • Stalking bank managers.
  • Fraud without tears.
            In all, 24 chapters of wily, inside advice from a master bill-avoider. Even though his techniques go far beyond what most people would consider "fair" it helps to know just how far you can push if some unprincipled collector is trying to shove it to you. Why not learn ALL the rules to the dept game, the ones they don't teach in school?
104 pages.

Price: $15.95

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