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Books on fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, new id

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How to Disappear in America
(Copyright 2002)

by Barry Reed 
fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, id software, id card

Leave the past. Start life over.

We all think about leaving or "starting life over," but what does it take to do it? Maybe you can’t stand the people around you, or you’re stuck in a job “going nowhere,” or, worse, you’re in an abusive, dangerous relationship. It’s not only time to hit the road, you must leave!

Written by expert author, Barry Reid (of “Paper Trip” fame), this all-new book spells out every aspect of disappearing in America. For over thirty years Reid has counseled people whose lives required “going underground” in order to start their lives over safely. You can benefit from their experiences and his practical advice with “how-to” information on everything you need to know:

  • Planning your "escape."
  • Deciding what to take with you.
  • How to get where you’re going.
  • Arranging things in advance.
  • Fast, safe ways to make money.
  • Getting new credit quickly.
  • Transitioning into a new ID.
  • Best places to live and why.
  • Low-profile living techniques.
  • Using mail drops properly.
  • Establishing a new identity.
  • Getting a new SSN
  • Taking kids, if necessary.
  • Regaining property left behind.
  • Using attorneys advantageously.

PLUS hundreds of practical, useful, even "lifesaving" ideas for success in your new life. This inspiring book tells exactly what you need to know, how best to go about it, and what you can expect once you DO decide to disappear in America.

Why suffer a miserable "existence" when you can “escape “ into an entirely new life? Reid’s new book is a detailed roadmap for getting where you really want to be! Great reading!

$19.95  115 pages. Product No. #UP999   8 1/2 X 11

The I.D. Master (Copyright 2002)
by John Q Newman 
fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, id software, id card

   In The I.D. Master, Identity-Change Professional John Q. Newman reveals little-known insider secrets of identity changing. In these pages, you will discover:

  • Using the law to create a new identity -- how to use name-change laws to your advantage
  • Creating a new identity as a crime victim -- how police reports can help you change your identity
  • How police search for people -- the best times to use fake I.D.
  • How to create a useable Social Security number -- one that won't be flagged by the taxman
  • A legal alternative to a Social Security number -- how anyone can get one
  • A new identity via identity theft -- in some ways, this can even be the preferred method of identity changing
  • The Delayed Birth Certificate -- how to obtain one in any name you want
  • How to take over the identity of an AIDS patient -- and the advantages of doing so
  • Background investigations -- what you need to know in order to pass them, and what types you should always avoid
  • How to use a "ghost address" to establish a new identity
  • How to create a fake employment history -- and back it up
  • How to create an education history -- complete with real transcripts
  • New identity after 9/11 -- what to expect, and how to slip through the cracks
  • And much, much more.
   The I.D. Master is the very latest information available on identity changing -- from one of the most renowned professionals in the field. If you want to keep up, then you need The I.D. Master.

2002, 8½ x 11, 136 pp., illustrated, soft cover.
Price:  $ 24.95

How to Change Your Identity 
& Erase Bad Credit 

by James J. Doolin Copyright 2004

ATTENTION: Buy this book and you may confer with the author, Jim Doolin !
He will include his phone number with your copy of his book. There is no charge for this other than your call to him in Texas.

fake id, caller id, id, fake id template, id software, id card

- Part 1 -
How to Change Your Identity and Erase Bad Credit is a 56 page instruction manual which contains examples and step by step instructions on completing the process. You will learn how to counterfeit birth certificates and other documents in order to obtain legitimate ID, social security cards, driver licenses, etc. Written by James J. Doolin, who had three separate identities and provided new identities for illegal aliens from 1993-1997. 
- Part 2 -
If you have bad credit and are unable to rent an apartment, buy a car, or get a loan chances are this book can help you. Denise Scott explains how to falsify a ‘release letter’ from a collection agency so that you may send to the credit bureau showing that you have paid for any delinquent accounts or charge-offs which may appear on your credit report without you actually having to pay for the account. It takes about 30 days for the credit bureau to update your report once the information is received. Example release letters are included. 
- Part 3 -
Discusses how to profit on the exchange of Canadian Travelers Cheques . 

Price $25  56 pages. Product No. JD902   8 1/2 X 11

The Paper Trip III
The Master Guide to New Identity

Copyright 1999
new id

The need for new identity has never been greater. Big Brother now works with hundreds of privately owned data bases that track and control millions of names in their files, specifically, your name.

Credit bureaus and other reporting services often victimize innocent people as they trade profitably in your "private" information. Identity theft has become an easy game for scammers, thanks to information brokers who gladly sell your records.

Big Brother adds to the abuse by demanding Social Security Numbers , now even on drivers licenses. A new federal law is set to require a "unique health identifier" for all health records. If this law is imposed, Americans will be forced to have a first-ever National ID.

We oppose this Nazi-minded effort to control records by an "i.D. Number." We don't believe Americans want to be "numbered" by any government. And we certainly don't want others, public or private, to "know all about us" with just a few keystrokes.

Our solution to these emerging problems is The Paper Trip III. The Paper Trip III is your guide to dealing with Big Brother and living the life you really want. The solution is creating Alternate Identity. The Paper Trip III reveals the many secrets of Alternate Identity and how it can help you:

  • Eliminate problems from negative records.
  • Avoid complications from other knowing too much about you.
  • Create secure, low profile privacy for yourself and your property.
  • Become "invisible" to investigators who want to sue you.
  • Start life over -- safely -- with new friends, somewhere else.

The Paper Trip III helps you create exactly the kind of Alternate Identity you need.

The Paper Trip III provides methods that are easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to use. You will be amazed at how many ways Alternate Identity can serve you. Best of all, Alternate Identity will quickly and effectively put you back in control of you own life.

The Paper Trip III offers 15 detailed chapters that explore every aspect of Alternate Identity and how it can work for you:

  • Establish ID on Three Levels for maximum privacy and security.
  • Use the Three Levels of ID to "compartmentalize" your life.
  • Identity theft is easy to do, hard to stop. Protect yourself.
  • Make your records "invisible" and "unknown" to databases.
  • Handling mail and telephone with Three Levels of your ID.
  • How to live in your new ID: Jobs, Banking, Residence, Education, Medical, Auto, Property, Insurance, Travel, Lifestyle, etc.
  • Avoid problems from fingerprints and criminal records.
  • How Vital Records offices work. Take advantage of differences.
  • Obtain a new birth certificate from Vital Records with the name and age you want. You will control you new identity.
  • Create new identity using variations among states for issuing drivers licenses and State ID cards. State by State comparisons.
  • The U.S. passport is not always such a great deal. Foreign passports offer advantages, too. Discover new ID beyond the border.
  • Do-it-yourself ID. Easy to get. Easy to do. Many options for quick, inexpensive, and convincing "back-up" ID. Many sources.
  • Social Security Numbers. How to get a new number - legally. Complete analysis of how the SSN is composed (all digits). How to tell valid SSNs; avoid any "dead" SSNs; create alternate SSNs to match your background. When SSA will make your new number "untraceable." Very important information.
  • Be aware of trends and developments affecting ID. Learn what Big Brother is "thinking" today - and possibly doing tomorrow.
  • Our exclusive library of Sources and Resources makes paper tripping possible. Read what we read. Stay informed.

The Paper Trip III is truly the Master Guide to New Identity. You will be able to take advantage of hundreds of ways to put your new identity into practice without making mistakes.

The unique research in The Paper Trip III shows you what to do, how to do it - and what to avoid. The very latest information is ready for you to use today!

Don't wait! Order your copy today! The Paper Trip III will be your own Master Guide to new possibilities and endless benefits.

The Paper Trip III will work for you!!   124 pages.  #901   $29.95

Fake ID Construction Techniques of the Underground

by Sheldon Charrett Copyright 2001
new id, secrets of a new identity

To shield themselves from the chronic barrage of bureaucrats and their incessant need to monitor every facet of our existence, some veterans of the privacy wars have resorted to creating new identities. But producing credible IDs is harder than ever before as the bureaucratic machine proliferates such Orwellian devices as holograms and magnetic swipes to thwart modern desktop technicians.

In his latest book, veteran privacy author Sheldon Charrett shows how persistent privacy seekers readily replicate driver’s licenses, birth certificates and other supposedly “secure” identity documents.

In Secrets of a Back-Alley ID Man you will learn about the most effective “new school” and “old school” techniques and tricks for IDs, as well as “poor man’s” techniques for those on a tight budget; the latest printers, scanners, cameras, software and other equipment to make fake IDs; do-it-yourself computer templates for driver’s licenses; ways to make composite IDs using a standard 35mm camera; and the availability of ready-made IDs from other sources.

Charrett also reveals a technique for reproducing holograms that has never before been published by anyone, anywhere, as well as his own previously unpublished technique for making cheap and effective embossing plates for notary and state seals.

With more than 50 detailed photographs and a dozen tables and illustrations, this book shows you step by step how 21st centurions still change their identities. For academic study only. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 96 pp.


Sheldon Charrett is the author of The Modern Identity Changer and Identity, Privacy, and Personal Freedom. His only contact with Undercover Press is through electronic means, as he likes to keep a low profile, and who knows what new ID he may be using currently?

MODERN IDENTITY CHANGER: How to Create a New Identity for Privacy and Personal Freedom, Revised and Updated Edition

by Sheldon Charrett Copyright 2004

Finally, here is an all-new, up-to-date instruction book on the art and science of obtaining and using a complete new identity. The Modern Identity Changer focuses on the major pitfalls of traditional identity changing while explaining current solutions to the problem.

Far from a slim handbook on acquiring a deceased infant's birth certificate, this is a complete identity-changing program, with step-by-step instructions and illustrations on how to go about acquiring a new identity in today's data-drenched society, how to produce and manufacture the documents necessary to support that identity, and how to obtain credit, employment, and banking privileges for that identity.

  • evaluating the pros and cons of segmented ID change vs. total ID change
  • creating alternate identity documents from scratch
  • working around the onerous new rules for mail drops and private mailboxes
  • establishing real estate residence without ever signing a document
  • making your own notary embossing plate
  • interpreting, applying for, and using Social Security numbers

Besides getting Charrett’s latest solutions to Big Brother’s alarming assaults on privacy, you will also benefit from reader feedback on the first edition, with verified tips and tricks from the trenches in the ongoing struggle to maintain our cherished freedoms.

It's all here, from obtaining a legitimate Social Security number, driver's license, work ID to outwitting Big Brother's bureaucrats, who persistently demand their little papers, stamps, cards, and tracking numbers. By studying this book, academics, identity changers, freedom seekers, and privacy enthusiasts can maintain a fresh arsenal of information in the war against totalitarianism For academic study only.
5 1/2 x8 1/2, softcover, illus., 145 pp.$$26.95  PP004

Get New Identification by Mail

ID by Mail UP678 Copyright 2004

The no questions asked source for Birth certificates, social security cards, city ID's, press cards, Diplomas, credentials of almost any kind including badges and police ID's. This guide lists all the companies, by name and address, doing business through the mail.

  • Photo ID cards, state ID cards, Student ID cards
  • Birth certificates, Baptismal certificates, SSN's, ...
  • Badges and police ID, Canadian ID, union memberships, press clubs...
  • Do-it-yourself photo ID kits: kinds avail. and sources
  • Diplomas, blank degrees, addresses of diploma mills...
  • Sources of ministerial credentials, military certificates...

The perfect complement to our other ID books. 64 pages of where and how to get them...No questions asked. A real top secret source list for only
$21.95 UP678

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