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Underground Economy

How Millions of Americans Are Practicing Free Enterprise in an Unfree Society
by Adam Cash

Are you fed up with giving so much of your money to the government in taxes, only to see it wasted on a new pile of special-interest projects? Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by operating a business tax-free as a “guerrilla capitalist.” With this book, you can learn all about how to survive and prosper in America’s thriving underground economy. What are the best businesses to pursue and what are the ones to avoid? What are the pitfalls of moonlighting on weekends for cash or working entirely for yourself instead of for wages? Is it possible to continue with a regular job and still enjoy unreported income? Is there any way to avoid doing business with banks? How have other people worked out the problem of spending their money without attracting the wrath of the IRS? If you are still working as a wage slave but would like to move into the world of guerrilla capitalism, this book will tell you exactly how to do it. Includes real case histories, showing exactly what has worked for other Americans.
8 1/2 x 11, softcover, 232 pp.

Price: $ 29.95 PP101

revenge, get even!


You may think you have "nothing to hide", but in today's world of thieves, con men, greedy relatives, and worse, it doesn't take much show of wealth or comfortable lifestyle to excite envy in your potential enemies. Personal and financial affairs are under attack from all sides, and you must take the initiative to keep your assets from being taxed, sued or stolen.

THE EDEN GUIDE TO COMPLETE FINANCIAL PRIVACY is the most authoritative and up-to-date guide for hiding your money and assets legally from government agents, private snoops, and all the other vultures. You will learn how to:

  • Reduce your financial visibility
  • Hide behind commercial names.
  • Purchase valuable assets anonymously.
  • Keep bank accounts more private.
  • Become a private investor.
  • Build secret safes in your home.
  • Do business without a checking account.
  • Create a "mainstream identity" that will deflect outside interest in your finances.
  • How others penetrate your financial privacy.
  • Consider practical offshore options in investments, residence, even citizenship.

In all, 16 chapters plus an extensive resource bibliography open up new possibilities for maximizing your financial privacy. A 20-point checklist details steps you can take almost immediately. Enjoy much greater financial privacy today with the helpful, practical advice in THE EDEN GUIDE TO COMPLETE FINANCIAL PRIVACY.
200 pages. Price: $ 29.95

Personal privacy and protection

The Secret Science of of COVERT INKS


Devoted exclusively to covert inks, this reference volume provides access to information used by criminals, law enforcement and cryptographists. A very special subject indeed!
Some of the contents include:
  • Invisible inks
  • Vanishing inks
  • Disappearing and reappearing inks
  • Secret inks used by gamblers to mark cards
  • Incendiary and pyrotechnic inks
  • Covert writing pens
  • Covert mail opening techniques
  • More than 130 formulas and recipes for making your own secret inks!

128 pages Price: $ 24.95

Encyclopedia of Revenge



This new book details all the fine points of just what these loans are and how you can make them work for you. Also spells out the many pitfalls and con games associated with these moneymakers. Note: they are not as easy as the con men say they are to put together, but they CAN be made; and they are legal. You will learn more about self-liquidating loans in this report than most financial professionals know after years of experience.
28 pages.

Price: $20.95

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