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The Power of Knowledge

Knowledge is Power! Power is Freedom!.

Revenge, new id, investigation, spy software, surveillance, how to meet the opposite sex, how to disappear and live a free life. Just look at some of the topic headings that undercover press covers for you.

Here you can find and learn the very things your government, your community, and your employers don't want you to know. Here you get factual, direct, to the point, reports and publications that explain clearly what you need to know to make your life more profitable, more successful, and more enjoyable.


Revenge. How to do it to them after they do it to you! Get revenge!

New ID

How to create and live with a new id. Get an id card & more.

Spying, Espionage & Investigation

Electronic devices & tools for researchers, private investigators, spies, and nosy people.


How and where to fix it and get it. The real story.

Sex Havens

The Big Black Book of Sex Havens!

Make Money on the Net

Learn how to make $150,000+ with your Web Site.

Internet Topics

Hacking, Internet terrorism, E-Security....

Financial Opportunities

that you never find in the regular Press

Privacy Issues

about protecting yourself and others. No one wants you to know this.

Criminal Records

what you should know to about what other's know about you.

Offshore Privacy

Issues regarding offshore privacy, investing & investigation.

Personal Improvement Techniques

how to get what you want in life, create lifelong long income you don't have to work for, how to work off of other peoples money and talent.

College Education

without ever going to college.

Foreign Passports and Identification

how to live overseas or travel under new ID.

Survive in Prison

how to survive in prison.

how to survive in jail or prison.


How to get out of it clean and legally.


How to get and keep a good paying job.

Lifestyle & Romance

All about Lifestyle & Romance

On Line Catalog

Go straight to our on line catalog.

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  • How to change your ID and Start a new life
  • How to disinherit The Internal Revenue Service
  • How to get anything on anybody
  • Where the real "off-shore" financial institutions are and why you should use them
  • How and where to get real foreign passports and 100's more exciting, interesting and useful topics
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E-Mail Us
For discreteness, make checks and money orders payable to:

Aaffordable Web Services
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